Milan, October 29th, 2018. «Be free. Be unique. Be Blumarine». The Blufin group is pleased to announce  the birth of Be Blumarine. Dedicated to a young clientele, the new brand will be led by the designers Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez, founders and creative directors of Au Jour Le Jour.
The project is a new chapter for the group – a deliberate choice of strategies review to meet different market needs and expectations.
The aim is moving closer to the purchasing power of the end costumer, while maintaining the values of creativity, quality and design that have always distinguished all the
garments and accessories made by Blufin.
Within the Blufin’s offer, Be Blumarine embodies the evolution of the Blugirl brand and will launch funny and fresh women’s collections – a contemporary ready to wear that will combine the right dose of elegance, romanticism and irony. For a dynamic and hyper-feminine clientele who loves to sublimate irreverently and spontaneously her own personality through a unique and distinctive style.

«Be Blumarine was born to meet the needs of a constantly changing market, which is also attentive
to the dynamics of accessibility and innovation. Likewise, it is increasingly searching for original, energetic
and contemporary suggestions at affordable prices», explains Gianguido Tarabini, CEO of the Blufin group.

«We are extremely honoured to have started this prestigious partnership. First of all, we thank the Blufin group, namely the CEO Gianguido Tarabini and Anna Molinari, creative soul of Blumarine. It is a great challenge for us. To make the Be Blumarine project happen, we started from the Blumarine heritage, trying to highlight its great strength in today’s fashion system and combining it with our contemporary vision and energy.
Be Blumarine represents the answer full of contents and aesthetics to what international fashion is today»,
say the designers Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez with one voice.

Blumarine opens two flagship stores with a neoclassical allure in Moscow and Porto Cervo

Blumarine boutique in Moscow is located on the ground floor of the Crocus City Mall. The space, about 115 m2, in its interior decoration recalls the new concept suggested by the designer Anna Molinari in order to create an intimate environment, where the client is welcomed in a warm atmosphere, cozy and elegant at the same time.
The interiors are characterized by a white painted wood boiserie, taupe painted walls and white marble details with grey shades. The marble tables embellish the space, together with amethyst and mauve colored sofas and wide mirrors on the walls.

Blumarine boutique in Porto Cervo reflects the neoclassic style reinvented by Anna Molinari, to confer a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The space is characterized by an elegant and bright furniture: polished white elements and glossy steel are combined with taupe and white walls, enriched by light painted wood boiserie and Blumarine lace effect wallpaper in light grey. The boutique windows have a double view, the main one directly overlooks the square.

The Blumarine brand pays tribute to one of the most important photographers of our age, Albert Watson.

The exhibition, curated by Luca Panaro, ideated and produced by the Carpi council - Musei di Palazzo dei Pio with Carpi Fashion System and Blumarine, with the contribution of Fondazione CR Carpi, displays over one hundred images, including black and white prints, fotocolor and proofs, all exclusively selected from the maison’s multimedia archives which retrace a decade of work by Albert Watson, between the eighties and nineties, when the Scottish photographer carried out twelve campaigns for the brand, with the coordination of Rossella Tarabini and the collaboration by Manuela Pavesi, editor of Vogue Italia. Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini had the intuition to collaborate with important professionals in photography and communication to define Blumarine's style and identity values. The Scottish photographer is one of the major contemporary portraitists. The portraits view is present in fashion campaigns, where, from Naomi Campbell to a very young Nadja Auermann up to Cindy Crawford, he represents the personality of women and the essence of Blumarine style in his black/white works. Lastly, the view on the landscape, even the urban one, which is never the background of the countryside, but characterizes the choices and the taste, often becoming on stage: from Scotland to the desert of New Mexico, up to London, Los Angeles and Naples.

The exhibition presents an additional section in the space reserved to Blumarine in the Museo della Città, with a selection of iconic pieces photographed by Albert Watson.

From April7th to June 17th, 2018 (Palazzo dei Pio Museum, Carpi)

Anna Molinari, designer and creative director of Blumarine, received the “Si Sposaitalia Award” during the first edition of the Si White Carpet By Sposaitalia Collezioni show in Milan.
The award, dedicated to the bridal universe, has rewarded Anna Molinari for her talent in combining the prêt-à-porter and the bridal worlds.